Bissell Proheat 9400 – The Top Recommendation In The Market Today!

For homeowners, there’s nothing more satisfying than to see you home clean and organized. However, there is a time of the year where our pets shed and the hairs fall directly to the floor carpet. You can’t blame your pets for that because it’s their nature. The only thing that you can do is to clean it up usually by vacuuming. But in some cases, the hairs still remained particularly if you’re only using an ordinary vacuum cleaner. So, what you need to do now is to look for a powerful one. Being a homeowner, you should be practical when choosing. It’s because not all of them are created equally. Some can bring good while others are merely pieces of garbage.

One of the top recommendations in the market today is the Bissell Proheat 940. Does it really grant what it promises or just a waste of money? Well, let’s find out by enumerating the features one by one.

Proheat 9400 is the latest in the 9xxx series. Some critics demand for its weight because the machine is a little bit heavy compared to standard vacuums. But in my own view point, it’s not an error because it features rubber wheels so you can easily transfer it from one place to another. The vacuum is built with turbo leg so you can assure the carpet will not be damaged upon vacuuming.

Speaking of the cleaning ability, Bissell Proheat 9400 not only remove the dirt on the carpet but even the toughest stains on the carpet. The roller brush is also built perfectly. It has a think arm that is capable of cleaning small surfaces at home like room, kitchen, stairs and furniture. The tool also has built-in heater that is capable of mixing the cleaning solution. If your problem is to remove your pet’s left behinds, you need not to worry. It’s because Bissell Proheat includes HEPA filter which is capable of trapping the airborne particles on the surface making it as clean as brand new!

The motor is also sealed with top-quality plastic to ensure that the air from the tank won’t expel out. Upon you purchase, you will also get additional cleaning tools like stain removing tool, Scotchgard and bare-floor tool. While other vacuum cleaners used exhaust air or the so-called heated cleaning, this one uses water. For allergy and asthma sufferers this feature is beneficial since the water will be heated first before being sprayed onto the carpet.

Unlike other vacuum models, Bissell Proheat is noiseless since the motor is smaller compared to the standard size. Clogging won’t be an issue when using this tool. It’s because there is a light indicator that tells when the dust bag is full and needs to be replaced.

All in all, Bissell Proheat 9400 is perfectly built with durable materials, excellent cleaning ability and safety features. Just in case you think of buying vacuum cleaner, this is no doubt the best choice. Before we end, let me remind you that there is a money back guarantee when you buy this tool. This means, you can easily get a refund once the product does not work well.