Cleaning Your Area Rugs Efficiently

Considering rugs as some of the best and expensive decorative pieces in your home, you will want to keep them looking at their best. Rugs require a special kind of cleaning. There are some basic methods by which you ensure proper cleaning of your rugs. Cleaning a rug and a carpet is entirely different as they differ in their fabric, texture etc.Most of the people doesn’t recognize this difference and so they are not able to perform efficient cleaning while they are doing it their selves.But if you are hiring the service of a professional rug or carpet cleaner,you do not have to worry about that as they have the expertise.

In the past few years there has been an evident increase in the demand for area rugs. Obviously there arises an increased necessity for their cleaning solutions too. People often do not realize how to keep up with their rugs. Over a long period of time large amounts of dust can accumulate on your rugs. Dust removal is necessary as it can lead to a lot of respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis etc.Moreover lack of regular cleaning can reduce the life span of your rugs. It is always advisory to vacuum your rugs every three to eight months. While vacuuming, remember to clean the both sides of your rug.

If you can do vacuuming periodically, you will not need to send your rug to a professional rug cleaner more than once in a year. And in case of smaller rugs, I can tell that you would never need the consultation of a professional, if you scrub your rug in a tub with a solution of mild hot water and vinegar periodically. Do not forget to dry out your rug in sunlight each time you do this.

You should be careful while choosing detergents to clean your rugs. Always try to use mild detergents as detergents with harsh chemicals can fight well upon your stains but at the same time it can damage the fabric of your rug too. Do not rub your rug harshly with your detergent solution, instead blot the stained portion. Use circular motions while scrubbing your rugs. Use a brush to clean any tassels on your rug.Vacuum the rug thoroughly after drying it in sunlight.