National Chain Or Locally Based Independent Alarm Security System Company?

Salesman or Certified Technician

It all comes down to this. Who would you rather deal with when it comes to the safety and security of your family, home or business?

A salesman that is looking to make the numbers that he is being pressured to make on a monthly basis from corporate? Or would you rather work with a locally owned and operated, reputable independent licensed Alarm Security Company that sends a trained technician to your home?

It also comes down to being able to make an Informed Choice for yourself, or being steered into the “Corporate Package”.

Who would have your best interest at heart?

The national chain that does the heavy promotion for the misrepresented “free system” and whose company policy is to lock you into a long term contract with stiff early cancellation penalties?


The highly regarded local business owner that has to earn your trust each and every month, because HE DOES NOT lock you into a long term contract with stiff early cancellation penalties. But rather, gives you a 30 day automatic renewal agreement that gives you the ability to cancel within each 30 day period.

One question and be honest with yourself:

Which of the two scenarios is really best for you and your family? Do you really want to lock yourself into a long term contract when it will actually cost you more anyway?

Especially when you have the ability to choose a 30 day renewal period and have it cost you less with better service?