Ways We Can Lower Our Energy Usage When Choosing New Appliances

Many household items and appliances can come under attack for being heavy consumers of energy, there are plenty of appliances such as refrigerators and freezers that are being used all the time and can be hard to avoid turning off like we are encouraged to do so with TVs. Fortunately many household appliances are now being made to use less water, less electricity and by doing so making sure we spend less money on our bills.

Refrigerators and Freezers

Refrigerators and freezers are always on but this doesn’t mean that they will cost lots to run, modern models are available with their energy rating clearly shown so you can find A rated fridges and freezers that use less energy but also by ensuring we have a full fridge or freezer can prevent losing the cold air as well as making sure we don’t leave the door open too long.

Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers

These appliances use a lot of water and electricity to operate and again we can buy A rated machines as well as having a choice on how big the machine is if we have a smaller household then a smaller machine will obviously be able to handle all our washing as well as using less energy to power them due to less water and electricity being required. There are models that can do both washing and drying to save the space taken for two separate appliances.


Dishwashers used to be seen as luxury or not vital appliance in the home, there have been many advances in dishwasher technology to the point that they now use less water on average compared to washing your dishes by hand and can save significant amounts of water. Even smaller homes could benefit from a dishwasher as there are narrow models available that can fit into smaller spaces and handle fewer dishes if you don’t have a full family’s worth of dishes and cutlery to clean.

There are many appliances we need in the home and knowing that there are appliances that can help to reduce our energy usage and lower our bills is a welcome relief so we can get the appliances that we need and would get plenty of use out of without it hurting our pockets in the long run.

When buying new appliances it is important to make sure that we dispose of our older or broken appliances. Fridges and freezers alone have harmful chemicals that can cause damage if the appliance were to leak, many appliances have metal which can rust and become an environmental hazard too.

A lot of companies will offer to take away your old appliances to recycle them and dispose of any harmful substances properly so this may be something worth asking about when you are looking to buy a replacement.