Adding Pictures to Your Home Inspection Report

Clients love having pictures in their home inspection reports because it makes it easy for them to see the issues that were found, even days after the inspection. The picture gives them a visual of exactly what the home inspector saw, and is referencing in the written part of the report. This makes it easier for the client to understand the report and can ultimately cut down on the number of calls home inspectors will receive from clients looking for clarification on something in the report. Here are a few ways that home inspectors can go about adding pictures to their reports.

Adding Pictures on a Smartphone or Tablet

With more and more inspectors starting to use a smartphone or tablet in the field for their inspections, it is important that they can to add pictures to reports that they create on these devices. Having the ability to use one device to create the report and take pictures can be a huge time-saver. Now that these types of devices have quality cameras, home inspectors are able to complete their inspection report in the field with pictures on one device. To add a picture on a smartphone or tablet, the home inspector will need to be in their home inspection app. Here they should have the option to press a button and have their camera automatically pop up. They can then take their picture and it will be added right to the line item that they are currently inspecting. They can then move onto the next item and add as many pictures as needed, when needed.

Adding Pictures on a Desktop, Laptop, or Netbook

Adding pictures on a desktop or laptop is also a very popular option with home inspectors This allows them to use a high quality digital camera in the field to take their photos. Although, the cameras in smartphones and tablets are getting better and better, they will most likely always pale in comparison to a high quality digital camera. Separate, digit cameras also will also have higher quality features/options such as flash and zoom. To add pictures to their reports on a desktop, laptop, or netbook, the inspector will first need to load the photos from their camera to their computer. Once the pictures are on their computer, they are ready to be added into the inspection report. How the pictures are inserted will depend on the home inspection software the inspector is using, but the process should be pretty seamless.

Adding Pictures on a Pocket PC

A pocket pc is a great option for home inspectors because it is small and portable, and allows them to take their home inspection software in the field with them. Inspectors using a pocket pc have the ability to add their pictures in the field and then print from the handheld in the field. To add pictures to a pocket pc, a home inspector can simply take out the SD card in their camera and insert it into the handheld. Then they will go into their home inspection software and add an image to the report. Here they should be able to choose which pictures they want to add from the SD card, and to which lines they want to add them to. Once the pictures are added, depending on the software, the inspector will have the option to make any markings on the pictures that are needed.

Home inspectors have several options to choose from in regards to what hardware they are using to complete their home inspection reports and this will be a big factor in determining how they will add pictures. Whether they are using a digital camera and then adding pictures to a pocket pc or laptop or they are using their smartphone to take pictures and complete their report, home inspectors are able to easily add pictures to their reports.