Preventive Termite Inspection – A Must for Your Home

Why is it that the issue of prevention crops up only when dealing with termites? Why is it that other common household pests are taken care of only when they strike? When you think of protecting your home from any disaster like hurricanes or earthquakes you have it insured. But a termite attack which is no less a catastrophe is not covered. These killer creatures are so dangerous that no insurance company will cover a loss from it.

Termite attack is not noticeable until you look very carefully or regularly monitor the areas around the woodwork like windowsills, doors and door jams. Even the decorative potted plant in your living room or the trees in your garden are not immune from it. Some tell tale signs are dark colored droppings on the wood. This is a mark of a slight attack and can be treated at a small cost. If you find brown colored channels, it means a severe attack with colonies of termites eating away the woodwork below. In both cases, immediate action is required.

However, it is always better to call in professionals for a comprehensive termite inspection of your home. Their trained eye will not miss even the slightest signs of the pests. If your house is clean, you can sleep in peace. If there is any problem, they have the expertise to make your home termite free, however severe might be the infestation.

If you are buying a house, there are certain mandatory escrow inspections to be done before you sign on the dotted line. Include an inspection for termites here. You will not want a house that is literally crumbling due to termites. Have it cleaned up and deduct the charges from the cost of your house. It is a once in a lifetime experience and you should take no chances on it. Once it is done, you will have lasting tranquility of mind in your new home.

There is another area you should be careful about. If you are building your house, be wary of subterranean termites. These strike at the very foundation and will weaken the structure. For this reason, architects incorporate anti termite measures in the building plans itself. An expert termite exterminator will pre treat the foundations and surrounding places with chemicals and seal it. It will take care of the issue and protect your house from the basement up. This should be compulsory in your house-building agenda.

There are companies which will carry out a free limited termite inspection of your house. It is suggested that you should call them in at periodic intervals. This is especially true for people staying near the coast. Termites thrive in humid climate and extra care must be taken in this regard. Any laxity might lead to costly repairs or replacement of entire woodwork. Don’t procrastinate. Take action now.