How to Buy Bespoke Kitchen Design on a Budget

When you’re looking into bespoke kitchen design, the cost might be one of the factors standing in your way. With a bit of sensible saving though, and lots of planning and careful thinking, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

What do you actually need

Ovens, fridges, dishwashers and other appliances don’t need to be measured for your bespoke kitchen design. These tend to come in standardised sizes, which means you can stick with what you have (unless your appliances are falling to bits) and make changes when you need to rather than paying for everything at once.

Assess your kitchen, get rid of anything that you don’t need, and think about how you’ll be setting up your new space. How do you use a kitchen? If you allow storage for the things you actually need and use, in the parts of your room where you use and need them, you’ll find everything flows more rationally.

You’re actually getting value for money

It would be remise to say that any sort of kitchen is cheap. Far from it in fact. Bespoke kitchen design just means that you’re paying for what you want and what you need, the sizes, the shapes, the materials. Everything about your cupboards and your surfaces will be fit for purpose and it means you’re not paying any more than you have to.

By buying a kitchen which isn’t exactly what you want the chances are you’re going to want to change things about it within the next few months. You won’t be happy, and you’ll still have paid out a huge amount of money. Not ideal.

Bespoke kitchen design is built to last

Ready made products are cheap. They’re made quickly, and made of poor quality materials. They don’t look great, they don’t fit properly. They fall apart. Hinges drop and work surfaces become scratched and unhygienic. When you buy a quality product you get quality. It’s something which is will last years longer than the naff products you’ll see in home shops.

Fitting a kitchen (before you even consider the materials, the design and the planning) is expensive and time consuming. It’s a lot of hassle too, because there will be at least two days when you won’t be able to use your kitchen (and that assumes that everything goes to plan, and there’s no issues with plumbing, electrical or redecorating to consider).