When Is It Time for Foundation Wall Repair?

Foundation wall repair is a problem that many homeowners find can find them facing, though they aren’t always sure what should be done about it. It’s a problem that shouldn’t be ignored because what starts out as a small crack can easily become a more serious problem if left unattended. This article will outline the importance of foundation call repair, its causes and what a homeowner facing this problem can do in order to have it addressed as quickly as possible.

What causes foundation wall problems?

Over time, as a building’s concrete foundation ages, cracks can begin to form in its surface and pose a threat to the structural integrity. There can also be water leaks that are often difficult to detect and, when left unchecked, can erode the concrete and make the building unstable and unsafe for its occupants.

Whatever the root cause of the problem is, whether it is a leak, a crack, a bowed wall or any of the other numerous issues that can threaten the safety of a house, foundation wall repair is something that should be considered immediately whenever a problem with the house’s foundation is found.

What can I do to repair damaged foundation walls?

Since the number of causes that lead to foundation wall problems are numerous, the methods that go towards fixing them can be just as varied.

If the problem lies in foundation cracks, then the problem can often be fixed by chipping out the crack and applying masonry patch, epoxy or other sealants. Cracks that are caused by water leaks can be sealed with polyurethane foam sealant. More complex problems require a higher level of expertise, however. If your problems lie in foundation movement, for instance, then the foundation has to be jacked up and piles inserted beneath it to prevent further movement or screw piers have to be used in order to stabilize the foundation.

In the instance of a bowed or bulging wall, foundation wall repair is often performed by inserting support beams, cables or anchor bolts. In some instances, however, the wall can be too severely bowed and will have to be replaced entirely. Regardless of what the problem is, the number of methods that can be used in order to fix a problem justify hiring a professional to do the job rather than doing it yourself and running the risk of making the problem worse due to an unforeseen problem or the lack of the appropriate skill.

With a professional performing the necessary work, any problems that caused the damage to the foundation can be addressed quickly and will assure that the work is done correctly the first time.