Help Chase Winter Chill Away By Winterizing Your Home – Part 1

No matter where you live in the United States December 21st is the first official day of winter. In some states by this date the snow has been falling for weeks and in other states there will be no snowfall ever. Regardless of where you live, it is always good idea to set aside time to run through a “Winterizing Your Home” checklist and prepare you property and your family for the winter months. Keeping your home in tip-top shape every season of the year helps prevent un-wanted problems and expense. Here are three simple steps to take to make sure your home is always in tip-top shape no matter what.

Whatever your heat source it is always a good idea to do a yearly Furnace Inspection. Call a certified HVAC professional to inspect your furnace and clean your ducts if necessary. Whether you are heating or cooling it is never fun to have your system fail. Setting a date to have an annual inspection done may just save you from unexpected problems when severe weather hits. By stocking up on 12 furnace filters annually and labeling them with each month this can help you keep track of the last time you changed your filter. A clogged filter can put significant and costly stress on any heating or cooling system.

When Mother Nature turns nasty, she frequently can, and will, find all of the cracks and easy entry points into your home. Take the time to inspect every exterior surface for crevice cracks and exposed entry points. Pipes, windows and doors are usually not as weatherproof as we would like them to be and by using weatherstripping around doors, caulking windows and pipes you can help reduce your home’s vulnerability to water and wind.

Your home’s roof, siding, gutters and downspouts can benefit from an annual pre-winter check-up as well. Through all types of weather these items protect you and your family 24/7 from the weather. Check your roof flashing to ensure that it is secure and in place so water and unwanted pests cannot enter the home. Take the time to replace any worn roof shingles or tiles that you find. An annual clean-out of your gutters and downspouts will help keep water flowing away from your home and not into your home.

Setting aside time for an annual inspection of your furnace and home will help prevent those unexpected, unwanted and costly repairs bills that always seem to happen when you can least afford them to. With just a few hours of preventative care you can help ensure that your home is ready to take on whatever Mother Nature brings.