How To Prepare Your Garden For An Overhaul

If you are lucky enough to have a back garden, regardless of size, attached to your property, and if you are even luckier to have sole access to the space, then you will fully understand and appreciate how incredibly beneficial, both to your physical health as well as emotional wellbeing having an outdoor space can be.

So, whether your garden is currently looking decidedly worse for the wear after the intense weather over winter, or else you are simply looking for ways to update and modernize your outdoor space, then continue reading to discover how to prepare your garden for an overhaul.

Cut Grass Back To A Minimum

The technical term for cutting the grass to an incredibly short length is ‘close mowing’ and avid gardeners will already be au fait with the technique.

However, if you are not familiar, the fundamental reason, when looking to overhaul and improve your garden space, to engage in close mowing is that such an action encourages the plants’ natural protection system to essentially ‘kick in’ and will result in a luscious and greener lawn. However, the crucial thing to remember here is that if you do decide to mow your lawn with a short finish, it is vital to feed and water your lawn much more regularly to ensure the grass doesn’t dry out.

Dead Head Flowers, Trees and Shrubs

Another relatively simple yet incredibly effective preparation technique for your garden is to engage in the act of deadheading every plant, flower, shrub and even the leaves of tree branches in your garden.

Deadheading holds a myriad of advantages, including the following:

  • More aesthetically attractive re-growth
  • A neater and more presentable flowerbed or plant pot
  • The prevention of rotting flowers and roots
  • Saving time in tidying and cleaning later on in the year

The vast majority of plants will greatly benefit from deadheading, such as the most common shrubs and plants including, but not limited to, geraniums, climbers, bedding plants, shrubs, hanging baskets and roses.

Drain and Clean Water Features and Pond

If your garden is somewhat of a tropical oasis, then you may well have one or more water features installed in the space and perhaps even a pond.

Whether your pond is a beautiful and wholly natural oasis for frogs, tadpoles and other natural wildlife or else a more ornamental and Japanese-inspired zen garden complete with koi carp, your garden overhaul simply would not be complete without a visit to a reputable and renowned pond centre to not only invest in some cleaning equipment and pumps, but to also have any questions about pond maintenance answered by experts.

Hire A Pressure Washer

The impressive results of pressure washing your patio, garden slabs and stepping stones truly have to be seen to be believed.

The easiest and certainly most affordable way to experience the copious benefits of pressure washing is to hire such a machine from a local garden centre or hardware store. You would only need to rent the pressure washer for a couple of hours, as pressure washing is as efficient and effortless as it is effective.