The Value of Gardens and Gardening

Gardens are known to provide people with veggies and fruits on their dining table, if not lovely flowers to decorate your home with. Gardening, no doubt, can offer multiple health benefits. If you want to learn more about gardens and how to maintain them, is the right site for you.

The following are some of the long-held benefits of various gardens:

Vitamin D Exposure

Your body’s calcium levels can be increased by vitamin D. This can help a lot in ensuring bone health and improving one’s immune system. A published study revealed that exposure to sunlight helps older adults to have sufficient vitamin D. Doing outdoor activities that can be fun like gardening can do wonders in getting enough sun and vitamin D. Just don’t forget to protect yourself with sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses for the eyes.

Uplifts Mood

A study done in the Netherlands which was captured by CNN suggested that gardening can eliminate stress much better compared to other hobbies. Some elderly participants were asked to go inside and read while others were sent outside to do gardening for 30 minutes. Those who gardened were in a better mood afterward. Their blood test results showed that they had reduced levels of the stress hormone known as cortisol.


Reduced Risk of Dementia

A 2006 study revealed that gardening could reduce the risk of dementia by about 36 percent. The research was conducted for 16 years on 2,800 participants who were above the age of 60. The result revealed that physical activity such as gardening could reduce dementia risk in the future.

Fights Off Loneliness

Retirement offers less chances to socialize. This is where community gardens can help deal with feelings of isolation and loneliness. These gardens offer an avenue for elders to engage with other people in the community while providing more benefits to the entire neighborhood. These are collaborative projects where participants in a community can enjoy both the maintenance of the garden and its products including fresh fruits and veggies.

The American Community Gardening Association recognizes that gardening can improve one’s quality of life, offer opportunities to socialize, beautify neighborhoods and communities, and conserve resources, provide physical exercise and even fresh produce, among others. For you to learn more about gardens, this site is a good start:

Good for the Heart

When you dig, plant, remove weed, and water your plants in the garden, you are burning calories and at the same time strengthening your heart. The manual labor involved in gardening offers some cardiovascular benefits to anyone.

Helps with Hand Dexterity and Strength

There are precise movements involved in gardening. This can help improve one’s hand dexterity and strength. This is crucial especially for the elderly.