The Cost of Crawl Space Cleaning in Florida: Is it Worth the Investment?

Cleaning the entire house is easy. However, the places which usually get ignored are difficult to clean and wipe. These are the crawl spaces. You should be aware of the hazards in those areas. Therefore, cleaning such areas is very compulsory. Let’s see the Cost of Crawl Space Cleaning in Florida: Is it Worth the Investment?

Why Is It Necessary To Keep The Crawl Spaces Cleaned?

Upon hearing the word mold destruction, your first thought triggers: how this happened? Well, mold is a fungus that develops when it finds moisture. You might get a bigger shock that mold gets the optimum condition in the crawl areas. A crawl space is an area under the basement, under the roof. In such locations, moisture is always greater. Similarly, the least amount of ventilation encourages mold to breed more.

Once in a long, you might have thought to get that area cleaned. However, due to negligence, you would have ignored it. Mold can make the property structure weak and damaged. You should hire professionals like FixMold Company, who provide cleaning services. They are experienced people who understand mold better than ordinary people. Also, they use the latest techniques and modern tools for cleanup.

The main thing you would worry about is their fee. Well, keep in mind, the prices aren’t constant. It depends on various other factors too. You will get an idea of the approximate total cost.

The Cost of Crawl Space Cleaning in Florida: Is it Worth the Investment?

Another query you are likely to ask is the worth of the investment for crawl space cleanup. A mold-infested space charges you more if it spreads to the other areas of your house. The cost you pay for the cleanup is not even half what you had to pay for the complete mold removal and property restoration. The average cost in Florida for crawl space cleaning is from $400 to $5000. However, if the mold spread in that area is extensive, it could range up to $15,000.

Let’s now see how professionals divide this cost.

·         A Simple Cleaning

Simple cleaning is followed by the use of a few equipments only. The professionals who perform this job would only extract the debris or deposit present on the surface. Therefore, it would cost you much less than other odor removal cleaning up. For instance, it could cost you at least $2000 or $1000.

·         Thorough Cleanup

Thorough cleanup requires the application of the latest tools and techniques. If they found mold traces, they would follow other cleaning procedures to remove the mold. It can cost you more than $2000.

·         Areas Containing Mold

If mold presence is in large quantity, they might charge you more. For example, they would use chemicals, vacuum methods, and HEPA filters to remove it. The initial treatment would cost you less than $3000.

·         Removing The Bad Odor From Crawl Spaces

An unfamiliar smell is persistent due to the presence of mold. To treat it, professionals use chemical sprays to balance the smell. Hence, you would get rid of the musty odor. It can cost you from $500 to more, depending on the intensity of the smell.


The overall cost of crawl space cleanup depends on the crawl space size and mold intensity. After visiting your property for cleaning services, they will offer you the estimated cost. With the cleanup, you can prevent mold from attacking your house.