How to Eliminate Pesky Pests From Your House

Is your home dealing with unwanted house guests? Are you planning to get rid of rodents, squirrel, and other kind of pests in your home? Then, here are some general tips for putting a lid on these unwanted pests. Read the information below to learn a safe way to control squirrel, raccoon or other pests from your house.

4 Steps to Control Pests Around Your Home

First step: Keep your Home dry and Clean

(a) Most of the pests are attracted towards water and food. Make your home is less alluring to pests.

(b) Clean up spills on floors immediately with soap.

(c) Make sure to keep the garbage cans clean on a daily basis.

(d) Keep fruits in the refrigerator instead of outside.

(e) Regularly vacuum and sweep your floors.

(f) Try to keep your kitchen and bathroom dry. Never let the water accumulate and fix the leaky faucets as soon as possible.

Second step: Make sure the entryways are sealed off

(a) Use silicone caulk to seal the crevices and cracks in cupboards, baseboards, pipes, moldings, sinks, and electrical outlets.

(b) Put screens in front of cooling and heating vents. Repair holes in any existing door or screens as it helps avoid mice around your house.

(c) Never keep stacked firewood, vegetation and other debris outside of your home. This way pests are unable to build a home near your home.

Third step: Try to use Chemical-Free strategies

Natural pest control solutions are best, safe and effective for you and your family. To solve your pest problems, you can use:

(a) Use a swatter

(b) Vacuum for individual nests or bugs.

(c) Lay traps which include, jar traps, light traps, fly traps, pheromone traps, etc.

Fourth step: Always use Low-Risk Pesticides, which help reduce the health risks of your family members.

(a) Dust boric acid on crevices and cracks instead of dusting in areas. It slowly poisons pests which is far less toxic to humans.

(b) Tamper-resistant bait box is a better choice than any sprays, pellets or powders. Make sure to keep bait stations away from the children.

(c) Try to use insecticides or fatty-acid soaps as it helps kill soft-bodied insects like flea, caterpillars, and mites.

(d) Hire a professional who uses low-toxicity products to handle the pest infestation situation.

Follow all the precautions to keep the pests away from your house. This guide will help you seal off or clean up the troubled spots.