Maintenance Free Fences: Aluminum and Vinyl

When you find a fence company and you are still not sure what type of fence material would work best for your property, consider more than just the appearance of a fence. Aside from color, durability, security, and aesthetics, your choice of material may come with a great deal of labor or it may come with virtually none at all. Finding an aluminum or vinyl fence that suits your design tastes will not only give your property curb appeal, but it will create less work for you over time.

Everything You Don’t Have to Do When You Choose Aluminum or Vinyl Fencing

Installing an aluminum or vinyl fence around your home or pool means that you will not:

·Paint. For those who have to maintain wood fences, painting is one of the most laborious and expensive necessities that repeatedly needs upkeep. Paint fades in the sun and is damaged by rain and wind. Whether a homeowner invests their time or hires someone to paint their wood fence, this type of a fence requires long-term expenses. Homeowners who choose aluminum or vinyl fences have no responsibilities when it comes to painting.

·Worry about rot or mold. Another excellent benefit of aluminum and vinyl fence systems is that they will not decay and rot over time. Rotting wood fences attract and harbor insects that may potentially create colonies or nests in your home and cause further damage. Rotting fences are also unsightly, serve little purpose in regards to security, and can detract value if you are selling your home. Potential buyers may be turned off by the costs of removing the rotten fence and/or replacing it. Aluminum or vinyl fences are much more attractive to home buyers since they don’t carry the burden of maintenance costs. Plus, homeowners who have wood fences need to worry about where their underground or above ground sprinklers are placed. All wood will rot over time, but exposing wood to water frequently accelerates the rotting process.

·Be affected by rust. Certain fence materials and the nails used in wooden fences can rust over time. This is not only visually unappealing, but also detracts from the ability of fences to offer security. The nails can rust, cause loose fence pieces, and fall off – creating hazards for pets and small children. Aluminum and vinyl fences don’t come with this risk and are rust-free.

·Need to stain or seal. Since aluminum and vinyl fence owners don’t need to do any upkeep to maintain the surface of their fence, there is no added expense or labor required to routinely stain and seal. The appearance of an aluminum or vinyl fence will relatively remain the same until the property owner chooses to upgrade to a new style.

·Worry about termites. Not only are infestations of termites in fences a risk for migrating into and damaging your home, their damage is often irreparable. Aluminum and vinyl fence owners are completely immune to the effects of termites and will not have to worry about damage or the expenses involved in eradicated the pests.