6 Important Reasons Why Remodeling Your Kitchen And Bath Can Be Profitable In 2012

Why now you ask? With the current announcements from the Fed about keeping rates down potential home buyers will be determining the best way to maximize their investment dollar. This sets the stage for you to take advantage of these developments and to capture a new opportunity.

Have you told yourself that you’re going to remodel your kitchen or your bath but never really found the time to start? Now that Bernanke and the Fed are committing to lower rates, make sure you don’t get left behind to fail to take advantage of breaking changing and opportunities to update your kitchen and bathroom.

Everyone has 1,000’s of excuses. If you follow and act on the following top 6 reasons we outline you may fare quite well.


1. IT IS A BUYER’S MARKET NOW – In this housing market it still appears down and this means home improvement businesses are interested in working with you more than you realize. Actual costs are in your favor, and that’s because business still struggles to compete for every dollar that your project will mean to them causing you, yes you the homeowner, to be their main focus and priority.

2. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST – Kitchen and bath dealers have been beaten down by the economy over the last several years. This has left in the wake many forced closures of these businesses. It means the dealer or business you choose to work with has survived. Bad business practices and poor customer service are never rewarded for long and in this current market it has only selected the fittest ones to remain open to serve you.

3. MOVING OR NOT – Whether you’re selling your home and moving for a new opportunity or not selling your house it is the best time to add value to your home Remember, a good remodel provides a better return when selling. So either way you can enjoy your kitchen and bath improvement and make money on the remodel.

4. INVEST NOW – Remodel options abound. There are options that end up paying for themselves right away and there are those that do so in the long run such as energy efficient appliances saving you money on water and electricity now…

5. TO SAVE LATER that though you may not want to part with the money for remodeling, think it through what a green kitchen can be worth now and in the future.

6. INTEREST RATES ARE REALLY LOW NOW – With good credit you can remodel your kitchen or bath, and be ahead of the other homeowners positioning their properties to be in the choice position for a strong sale. Act now while interest rates are at historic lows so you can harness value to enjoy now or reap from the sale to your buyer.

If you’re thinking maybe I’ll wait and see, remember there is no better time to remodel than now given market conditions and the economy. So instead of hesitating get started and consider securing a firm estimate and bid. You can remodel your kitchen or bath while everyone else gets a slow start towards a new opportunity.