Alarm Clock Hidden Camera: A Handy Way of Seeing What Needs To Be Seen

Who would have thought that an ordinary object can be privy to all kinds of occurrences that may happen to anybody? Yes, an alarm clock hidden camera can do that and more. This ubiquitous piece of time-telling device not only tells time- it can see events that you would not be able to once you are away.

The Proof of the Matter

Because it is very handy, you can take it anywhere and everywhere. Say, your daughter’s school wherein she constantly complains of her sweet-looking, innocent-faced classmates bullying her when the teacher’s not around. No school authorities believe her because her tormentors are, as they say, incapable of doing so. But with this alarm clock sitting on her desk, she’ll be able to record proof which you can show to the school heads.

Or, you can put it in your kitchen to see if your more than healthy son hasn’t been sticking to his diet. On a more serious tone, it can also record what the house helps or the plumbers are doing once your back is turned. Place it in your baby’s room and it becomes an instant nanny cam that can show you if kindly Ms. Nanny is indeed taking care of your small one as she should. It can also show you if your pretty teenage girl is entertaining a visitor when you’re away. In all cases, you’ll have proof if your suspicions are correct or give you the peace of mind that you need in knowing that everything’s okay.

How to Choose the Best Alarm Clock Hidden Camera

With the proliferation of this type of cameras nowadays, you might wonder which will be the best one for you. Here are some tips:

1. Check its specifications. A good alarm clock hidden camera should be able to capture images even in dim light. Choose one that requires a minimum illumination of 1 Lux and below, with 480 lines resolution and with a frame rate of 30 fps 320×240. Even the authorities find these specifications suitable for home and professional use.

2. Consider the storage options. Can you use an SD card with it? If not, don’t buy it. Of what use will it be to you if it won’t be able to store a lot of files? You’ll never know when an unfortunate incident may occur. Remember that it’s always best to be safe and sure than sorry.

3. Consider its external appearance. By all means, this item must look and work like a clock. Otherwise, it might get the suspect’s attention, inspect it and realize that he’s being recorded. It’s okay if it’s just your kiddo who finds out about it, but not a thief or criminal who would never wish to leave any evidence of his wrongful act. He might react violently upon this knowledge.

Don’t take any chances. Get one of these devices today to ensure you and your loved ones’ safety anytime, anywhere.