Getting Houses Tested Regularly Saves Health And Money Too

With every home, no matter where it is, there will come a time to call in the experts to have a look around and see if anything needs to be done. This check goes far beyond the normal run of things since it will also include finding out if there is any gas escaping from underground and building up in the property too. Radon testing outfits are available since this area is known to have this problem. Indeed, a home inspector has a whole raft of things that he can look for and give a full report.

Perhaps one of the most common causes of health problems in a house is any kind of fungal growth. Warm and damp conditions means that the spores from this fungus can float freely in the atmosphere and this can then be breathed in by the inhabitants. Although most spores do not really harm people, there are some deadly ones around which cause all kinds of illnesses. People who are susceptible are those who already have lung problems, like asthma or cancer and the spores just make matters that much more acute.

Indeed, some toxic spores make people very ill indeed and even pets are not left out of the mix. When looking for a company to come and check for this kind of infestation, make sure that they have specialist equipment which can detect wet or damp spots behind wall boards and ceiling boards. These thermal imagers actually show up areas that need attention without having to rip the place apart first.

The damp areas may be caused by a crack in the seal around a chimney or some such structure and these are not easy to see from the ground. Any rain that falls can seep into the fabric of the building and when the warm weather arrives, the spores just multiply all at once.

There are areas too which have natural gas in the bedrock below houses. The gas seeps into the house over time and people will certainly start to feel sick after some time. Companies that deal with this problem can insert detectors and seepage channels so that the gas is carried out of the living spaces and distributed into the atmosphere so that people living or working in the vicinity do not suffer.

With gas particularly, it is very important to get these tests done at regular intervals so that there is no build up. Although most people are aware of the problem, and have detectors put in place, they must be checked now and then to make sure that they are still working.

There is also a need to get houses checked out for other infestations which may not be visible to the householder. Termites are notorious for only being visible once the damage has been done. By getting someone in to go over the place with a fine tooth comb, most of the problems that can beset a house should be stopped in their tracks well before permanent damage is done.