Skills Required For Janitorial Services

“Janitorial services” is the name given to an independent company, or a section of a larger company, that is responsible for taking care of cleaning and property maintenance. This can include; floor cleaning, window cleaning, furniture repair, trash removal, facility maintenance and much more. In order to be successful at janitorial services, individuals who work in this area are required to have certain skills. Here is some information about the skills which are required:

1. An Eye for Detail – Workers must be able to spot problems when they are minor, and take action to stop them from becoming major. It is also important to be able to spot flaws or areas which need to be worked on, such as steaks on windows or dusty areas that the vacuum cleaner may not have reached.

2. Physically Fit – Janitorial services can be a very demanding role, so it is important that workers are physically able to do the tasks that the job requires of them. As well as having the physical ability, it is important that employees are not afraid of a little hard work, and therefore they will not shirk their responsibilities.

3. Independent Thinking – Many janitorial employees will spend a lot of their time working alone, therefore it is important that they are able to think for themselves. This means that if they encounter a problem, they are able to come up with solution quickly.

4. Self-motivated – Because these employees work alone, they need to be able to motivate themselves, without constantly being checked up on. Whilst a supervisor may check on them occasionally, they should be able to keep working quickly and effectively, even when they know that they are not being watched.

5. Numeracy and Literacy Skills – These skills allow janitorial services employees to measure things correctly. For example, if they need to hang a picture in a very precise spot, or if they need to measure out a solution of cleaning product, they will be able to do so accurately. Literacy skills also help to ensure that they can read any instructions or safety notices on new products that they are using.

If a candidate has all of the skills and qualities which are listed above, they may be successful as a member of a janitorial services team. Of course, there is much more to these services than the few qualities that are mentioned above, however they make a good starting point when choosing new team members.