The Advantages of Using Steel Buildings for Parking and Storage

There are many advantages of using steel buildings for parking and storage. Unlike using wood and cement for constructing garages and storage spaces, steel buildings are cheaper in labor costs and materials needed. They are also faster to erect. Using wood and cement to build a small garage can take up to two weeks. Metal materials can be constructed within a day.

A second advantage to using metal construction is low maintenance. Metal is better capable of withstanding nature and weather. The risk of water leaks is greatly reduced. Moreover, metal lasts longer than wood and cement. Wood eventually rots over time and requires great effort and cost to prevent. Wood is also susceptible to pest attacks such as termites. Other pests such as roaches, ants, mice and rats like to make nests within wood. With metal, you won’t have to worry about these issues.

With metal, one doesn’t need to paint it periodically. Over many years this saves customers hundreds of dollars. Washing metal is much easier. There is no need for brushing and hard scrubbing. One simply needs a water hose and the structure is clean. There’s no need for odorous cleaning solvents and other detergents.

Metal structures have been used by the military for more than 60 years. The reason the military uses metal structures is due to the sturdiness of the structures. The military has built them in regions with the most extreme climates and landscapes. From the sandstorms of Iraq to the sub-arctic wind-swept steeps of Afghanistan, the Canadian and American military house their soldiers and command centers in metal buildings. If those structures can withstand these extreme conditions, they are sure to withstand the moderate temperate climate and landscapes of North America. Even the worst Canadian winters cannot cause extensive damage to metal buildings.

Metal buildings are made from prefabricated materials. That means most of the construction has been done at the factory. When you decide to build your garage, storage space or workshop, it will not take long to assemble. This is another reason why the Canadian and American military use metal buildings on their bases both at home and abroad.

Unlike wood, metal structures are fire proof. Many fires in garages are caused by oil and other flammable fluids such as gasoline and various other chemicals. Combined with wood, this can be a combustible combination. Having a metal structure will greatly reduce the risk of fire. Even should a fire occur, the structure itself is safe from being damaged. One will not be forced to completely rebuild after the event of a fire.

These are just few of the many advantages of steel buildings. When thinking about building a new garage, work or storage space, one should consider metal structures. Not only will you save money, but you will have less headaches and less stress than using wood and cement materials.