Organizing Your Home and Keeping It That Way – A Few Key Strategies

Getting organized can seem tough enough as it is, but for most of us the real problem is maintaining the organization on a regular basis once it has been achieved. There’s a plethora of guides available online with suggestions and tips to help us become organized individuals but many of these are ill-equipped to give our new-found order life eternal. There must be a step or two missing because inevitably, time and time again, we all end up right back where we started. If this weren’t the case, trying to find legitimate ways to become organized and stay that way wouldn’t be such a hot topic. Everyone would do it once and be done with it!

Unfortunately, this land where gumdrops fall from the sky, everyone is gorgeous, and broccoli tastes like chocolate eludes me. All joking aside there are ways to retain order once you’ve created it. With a little motivation to stick with it and some key organization tips from the pros, you can conserve all that your efforts have yielded with minimal up-keep.

A few solid strategies involving simple steps include having a calendar or datebook to keep track of important dates and appointments. You can also keep track of weekly and monthly chores here. One of the simplest yet most important ways to stay organized is to take five, maybe 10 or so minutes to clean up after yourself and tidy any mess you may have made during the day. Don’t leave things lying around but figure out where they belong in your new system of organization and put them away.

These are just a few of the tips you should get accustomed to following in order to become organized and stay that way. They may seem simple and intuitive on the surface and they are, but the key is sticking with it and many of us simply don’t. It’s a lot easier to take a minute to put something back where it belongs, or to clean up after yourself than it is to let everything build up. By the end of the week it becomes more work than you’d like to bother with. Then, before you know it, more time has gone by and it’s chaos all over again. Stop the vicious cycle by employing the few key tips I’ve outlined and brainstorm some more of your own to get yourself organized and keep you there!