Difference Between Solid And Engineered Floors

Research studies have shown that many people don’t know the difference between solid and engineered floors. If you are one of these many people, here are a few differences between the two:


Solid floor is composed of a solid wood from top to bottom and side to side. An engineered floor on the other hand is made up of a sandwich of 1/16″ to 1/8″ of fine wood on top and a base of high-quality plywood underneath it. In some cases the base is made up of high-density fiberboard (MDF).


Engineered floor is only available in prefinished form while solid floor is available in either unfinished or prefinished form. Overall, it’s easier to install an non-solid floors as you only need to lay the units as floating units by gluing or nailing them to the base.

In addition to being easy to install, engineered floor also provides you with more installation options. For example, you can install it in almost any room of the house. This is unlike solid floors that you can install only in rooms that experience very little change in humidity.

When it comes to the installation part, you should ensure that you install the right floor at the right place. Best areas to install solid floors include: bedroom, living areas, dining room and hallway. You should avoid installing solid floors in bathroom and kitchen.

Experts recommend that you should avoid installing engineered floors in areas that have moisture problems such as kitchen and bathroom.


The plywood base in non-solid floors protects it from warping and expanding which makes it durable. Non-solid floors are also excellent in handling and provide you with more stability.

Solid floors on the other hand are thicker; therefore, when there are scratches you can easily sand them out which is a feature that you can’t find in engineered floor.


Since both floors contain hardwood, the cost of installing the floors is almost the same. When buying the units, you should expect to pay more for engineered floors as they are only available in pre-finished form.


These are some of the main differences between solid and engineered floors. Regardless of the units that you are planning of installing in your house, you should ensure that you buy them from a reputable store. You should also ensure that the units are installed by a professional who is knowledgeable enough.