Why Ipe Wood Is the Best

Ipe wood is also referred to as Brazilian walnut. This is very beautiful and exotic wood that comes from South America. The structure of the wood is very strong and hard and it is resistant to insects, weather, abrasion, and rot. This is what makes it such an amazing choice.

The color of Ipe wood is dark brown and it is two times as dense as most of the woods that you know about. It is five times as hard. It is the above qualities that make Ipe last such a long time. In addition, one of the things that make it so much sought after is the natural beauty. If it loses its color, the original shade can still be achieved by making it brighter and a cleaner. This is a very popular and a less expensive option.


This wood is usually used for outdoor applications such as fencing, Siding, and furniture. The fact that it has a very long life outdoors makes it a great selection. In most applications, it can last anywhere between 40-75 years. Pressure treated woods do not last this long and that makes it an amazing choice. If you want to create something that you want standing the test of time, this is the wood for you.

Pros of using the timber

There are various reasons as to why this option is the best. The traits of the timber are what makes it stand out and so is its beauty. Some of the greatest pros of using this option include:

  • Insect resistance
  • Fire and water resistant
  • Ages gracefully
  • Smooth
  • Lasts long
  • Hard
  • Strong


As with everything else, the wood also has its cons which include:

  • The fact that it is heavy
  • The fact that it requires some pre-drilling or even hidden hardware for installation.


This is wood and so pricing usually changes according to its quantity, availability as well as the prevailing market conditions. It is important to locate someone who can offer the most competitive prices. It is important to note that the price is usually higher than that of timer that is pressure treated.


This wood is taken from a tree called Tabebuia. It is native to the Mexicans subtropics and to the tropics in America. It can also be found in Argentina and all the way to the Caribbean. The fact that it can be sourced from a very large area makes it readily available.

One of the reasons as to why the wood is so tough is the fact that it exists in the tropical regions. It is the natural hardness and the oils, which make it the best wood that lasts a very long time despite the environments.

This option should be considered when you want to use lumber outdoors.

The lumber industry is filled with shady brokers and dealers so you should find out all there is to know to remain protected. You should keep an eye open for any kind of misinformation.