June Is Perennial Gardening Month

The sun is shining, birds are singing, and a gentle breeze blows through colorful gardens of beautiful flowers. Awe, yes, it’s June. A month of vibrant colors, lovely fragrances, and the celebration of life. A month where last year’s perennials once again grace our gardens with their springtime bloom. A month we celebrate gardening and the beautiful creations outside our home.

June is Perennial Gardening Month. The perfect time to celebrate your garden and the joy it brings. When considering new additions to add to your picturesque garden, perennials have much to offer. A favorite among many, they are vivacious, economical, and easy to care for.

Each year, we look forward to the colorful blooms and foliage that perennials bring. With an abundance of size, colors and shapes, perennials add life and beauty to our gardens as they return each year.

With careful consideration and a little extra planning, you’re sure to maintain a vibrant garden! Before choosing your next perennial, be sure to research. It is imperative to make educated gardening decisions. Pay close attention to the following:

  • Geographic Location: Geographic locations greatly differ and plants are sensitive to soil, sunlight, weather and potential growing periods. For a positive growing experience, find perennials that are best suited to your region. With a little research, you’re sure to find the perfect fit!
  • Colors: Purples, reds, blues, whites, yellows… no matter what color scheme you are going for, perennials will supply your needs. When planning your garden’s layout, strategically plan your arrangement to keep the appearance vivacious and popping. Be careful not to overdo or crowd one area with the same color, as this can be monotonous and unpleasing to the eye.
  • Bloom Time: Bloom times should also be carefully considered. The majority of perennials bloom two to three weeks per year. If a colorful seasonal garden is desired, separate plants based on their bloom season.
  • Maintenance: In general, perennials are easy to care for; however, they do require maintenance. To reap the most from your garden be sure to fertilize, water, and appropriately care for the flowers you have planted. Some tall and/or weak-stemmed perennials require staking to grow to their full potential. Other perennials may require pinching. This is a gardening term that helps produce more blooms and helps plants stand-up right.

In conclusion, all plants are unique, so pay close attention to their needs and maintenance requirements. By doing so, you’re sure to grow beautiful flowers and foliage.

Take time in June to celebrate Perennial Gardening Month and give a little extra TLC to your stunning creation!