Kiwi Carpet Cleaning Features

Kiwi carpet cleaning is a company offering cleaning services all across the United States, such as Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Little Rock. All basic cleaning services provided by Kiwi include six steps that are sure to clean all but the deepest stains. Kiwi does vacuuming, grooming, cleaning, stain pretreatments, and even will move the furniture before and after the cleaning. Not all companies offer this service, and many will ask for furniture to be moved before their visit.

Included in even the basic cleaning service is the one year guaranteed commitment from Kiwi. If there is an accident or emergency such as a flooded basement and Kiwi carpet cleaning is needed, there is someone available 24/7 and ready for any service. If interested in calling Kiwi, call 1-800-333-KIWI.

The cleaning method that Kiwi specializes in is the bonnet method. When Kiwi first began its services, it would visit people who had just received a steam cleaning. The bonnet method proved to be so effective that even in these homes, the white bonnets would be blackened at the end of a cleaning session.

After a steam cleaning, it can take as much as a week for the padding underneath the carpet to fully dry. The bonnet cleaning method used by Kiwi carpet cleaning uses so little water that it is guaranteed for the carpet to be dry within an hour. More services are offered by Kiwi, such as air duct cleaning services, furniture cleaning, and even rug repair.

The cleaner used by Kiwi is carcinogen free, and safe around children and pets. The cleaner has the ability to lift up and remove stains and pet odor without bombarding carpet with harmful chemicals. Pet hair and odor is easily removed from households. Any stains that the standard cleaning does not remove can be removed with the instructions that Kiwi carpet cleaning leaves its customers.