Are You Making These 11 Mistakes That Will Get Your Home Robbed?

1. Not locking the front door. Yep. It’s that simple. Burglars test to see if doors and windows are locked and then waltz right in when they aren’t.

2. Not having an alarm system. Alarm systems including yard signs and decals signal a harder target. Burglars want something easier and will go for an unprotected home first.

3. Making your alarm system visible from outside windows or doors. Burglars will look to see if the system is armed to know what they are up against.

4. Installing only a basic alarm system. Money is tight and you’d hate to splurge. The alarm company is giving you a free basic alarm system and all you have to do is make monthly payments so you believe your home is covered. While security systems are great deterrents, burglars do understand the basic workings and will take steps to knock sirens off walls, cut telephone lines, and disarm the system making it look like a false alarm.

5. Hiding keys under doormats or above front lights. Don’t take the welcome mat literally. Hide keys in better locations if you need to keep a spare outside.

6. Believing your dog is all the home protection you need. Most dogs welcome burglars into the home. Burglars also let dogs out the front door or gate and others will go as far as to shoot your beloved pet. An alarm system will keep them safe as well.

7. That having a gun is all the home protection you need. Guns won’t do you any good if you’re not home to use it. They’ll be good merchandise for burglars to steal or use against you if you come home during their robbery.

8. Leaving your home’s exterior in shabby conditions. Do you have low lying branches or branches that would be easy to climb to the second story? Does your house have newspapers or flyers around the front porch or driveway? Signs that you’re not home even if you aren’t on vacation. Keeping your home’s exterior clean and clear will help deter burglars from assuming your away or hiding in uncut bushes.

9. Do you set the stage? Setting the scene to deter burglars is a free and easy start to home protection. You can set the scene by making it look as if more than one person lives at home even if you live alone by setting out boots on the front porch or by switching the side of the driveway your car parks on to leave marks. You can also set the stage by having a light timed to go on at a certain hour so that it seems like your home even if you don’t leave your office to 8 or by putting out signs of having a big, viscous dog even if you’re pet less.

10. Not locking your car. Whether you’re at home or away locking your car doors is imperative for your home safety. What do you have in your car that could be used for a burglar? How about your garage door opener along with your cars registration which list your home address.

11. Not keeping your phone information safe. Home burglars who have access to your phone are able to text your spouse with a note saying you need your alarm passcode and bam they can break in with ease. A good tip is to not put your spouse or partners name in your phone as honey, baby, wife, hubby etc. That way it’s harder to track down who is who if your phone is ever lost or stolen.

Stay smart, stay safe, and stay ahead of home burglars.